Monday, May 5, 2008

New goal .....150

Rose Breasted Grosbeak
I have I lot of catching up to do.
Our feeders netted two addtitions, a Gray Catbird (94) and a beautiful Rose Breasted Grosbeak(95) that stopped for a couple of days while a storm blew through the area. Sadly, he left when the sun came out.

At lake Elkhorn I spied several Baltimore Orioles, males and females (96). Also an male orchard Oriole (97) a Least Sandpiper (98), a Solitary Sandpiper (99), Semipalmated Sand Piper (100) and a Prothonotary Warbler (101) over this past weekend.

FYI Semipalmated is a big word for ----> "Having partial or reduced webbing between the toes, as some wading birds do. "
and Prothonotary means : "a chief clerk or official in certain courts of law." I have no idea why a small little yellow bird would be declared a clerk of the court.

I think I need a new goal. so 150 is next.