Monday, July 13, 2009

With hopes of finding a pair of previously spotted Dickcissels at the county landfill, small group of us headed out for what we hoped would be a relatively easy re-location of the Dickcissels and then we could scout out the rest of the area for any uncommon birds might just drop by the ever popular landfill.
We got to the last known location the bird was spotted and the first thing we came across was this very proud Coopers Hawk with his breakfast. Several in the group half joked the it looked like the Cooper might have beat us to our quarry. Dead birds don't count. Maybe it was it still breathing? Anyway, nobody could ID breakfast and by this time Cooper had had enough of us staring at his breakfast. and decided to have his "to go."

We all spent some time combing the area for the now elusive Dickcissel. Success was finally ours when Jeff was able spot a pair in the high grasses not too far away from where the Cooper had been successfully hunting earlier.

And while it is leap to assume what breakfast was, it is interesting to note that the photo Jeff took shows that the Dickcissel is conspicuously missing his tail feathers. hmmmmmmm.

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